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Commission a Portrait
   A portrait is a wonderful way to commemorate a special event such as a wedding, milestone birthday, or anniversary. It makes a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years. Linda will work with you to create a painting which will establish a beautiful family tradition for generations to come.

   Contact Linda Hoover by phone at 660.238-6242 or by email to arrange a commission or schedule an appointment.

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In my portraits, I like to go beyond simply trying to capture an accurate likeness of the subject. I try to reveal something more of the individual. People are complex and varied, and I'm fascinated by them. Just to record the external "shell" isn't enough. I want to introduce the viewers to the PERSON. The setting, pose and dress; sometimes even specific items or pets are all elements that I consider carefully for each portrait. I shun the idea of working out a technique of portraiture, and view each new subject as a fresh, new challenge with my goal being to meet the person myself and introduce that person to the viewer.

• 1 Face - $500
• Additional faces - $250 each
• 3/4 Figure - $750
• Additional 3/4 figures - $500 each
• Full Figure - $1000
• Additional Full Figures - $750 each
• Complex Background - $250