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"Wet Sand and Bare Feet" -watercolor, 2107
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"Crucifixion 2014" - acrylic
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Dear Friends,

This is my fourth year of retirement from teaching Art and I love it. I have time for babysitting my grandchildren, time for making Art, and time to give back with service to my local art clubs. I served 3 years as Vice Pres and Program Chairman for Mid-Missouri Artists of Warrensburg and am currently serving as President of the Sedalia Visual Art Assoc.

This is the time of year when I get caricature jobs for graduation lock-ins, outdoor parties, fairs and festivals. I did caricatures for the Cole Camp graduates last Sunday night, and am scheduled to be at Smith Cotton in Sedalia next Saturday night, then a picnic at Swan Lake on June 2nd and the Queen of the Prairies Festival on June 3rd so far. …always lots of fun!!

Recently, I’ve been doing more murals and large paintings. Usually, I would do one or two really large projects, but that rate seems to have doubled. I did a two story, inside mural for the Shepherd’s Place in Sedalia about Eternity. Then, the Sedalia Tree Board hired me to do a mural of four typical local trees with each panel showing a different season. After that, the Graduation Project Students hired me to do a 17’ x 22 1/2’ outside mural on across the street from the Sedalia Court House. I loved that project!! It was a challenge because I was painting on a brick wall, but I got to use a scissors lift and hire an assistant!! Meanwhile, I painted a 4’ x 5’ painting for my church of Jesus and the Little Children using children in our congregation for my models. After those, Mark Hammond hired me to do two door murals for his shop. One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the other is a pictorial story of his life. (See all on mural page)

I’ve been working more in my studio lately to have some fresh work for
the annual round of local shows and fairs. As you can see, I do a variety
of types of art. Even besides those
I’ve mentioned, I occasionally get
commissioned to do portraits or
illustrate books. I like that – never
get bored for sure, but it’s also
practical. This way I have several
income streams from my Art and
when one area is slow I can be
working in another. Time to close
now with my best wishes for you to
have work you enjoy as much as
I do mine.

God bless you richly,


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"Snowpocalypse 2107" - watercolor
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