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"Wet Sand and Bare Feet" -watercolor, 2107
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Me at work in my studio, which used to be a chicken house until my husband and I repurposed it 25 years ago.
"Crucifixion 2014" - acrylic
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Dear Friends,

Finding My Focus

     Twenty or so years ago, I thought it would be a
good idea to get an MFA (Master of Fine Art). I was
teaching and they encourage you to further your
education. The only place in Missouri you can get an
MFA is Mizzou, so I applied and they wanted me to
stop doing portraits and stop working in water media
so that I would paint subject matter they chose in oils.
That wasn’t what was in my heart at all! I love watercolor.
Sometimes, acrylics work better for me for certain projects, but that’s still water media and can be manipulated like watercolors at times. Besides that I’m interested in people more than any other subject. I decided to get a Master’s in Art Education and it was a much better plan for me and looking back, I’m so glad I was faithful to the gift and vision God put in me.

      Finally, now in my early 70’s I’ve found the focus for my Art that I’ve sought for years, and it’s still about portraits. HEADS, HANDS AND HEARTS, that’s it. As I look back over my Art through the years I can see that that’s always been my big interest. I often do work on commission, and have pursued some other themes, of my own, but always returned to this idea of HEADS, HANDS AND HEARTS. Let me explain - I love to paint faces and often show people’s hands so I can show what they love to do and sometimes connect them to other people by having them holding hands or touching each other to show who they love. That’s the HEARTS – what they love and who they love. Now, I’m full of ideas that relate to this theme so I think I’ll be here for quite a while.

God bless you richly,


Fall 2019


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"Snowpocalypse 2107" - watercolor
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